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Air Duct Cleaning: Let Qualified Contractors Do the Cleaning

Posted on April 22, 2015 in Blog, Plumber, Plumbing Companies New York

It is important to observe the appropriate duct maintenance practices in all HVAC equipment. Although it seems a simple task, cleaning the air ducts is best done a specialist technician. There is no company or organization that recommends HVAC duct cleaning as a critical maintenance that needs to be done regularly. This is in contrast with the dryer duct cleaning that ought to be cleaned and checked now and then. The only cleaning that is necessary is when the ducts are clogged with dirt of infested with mice. The dirt to be cleaned is particularly in form of visible mold growth. There is no value or sense of cleaning ducts due to the presence of dust only.

Duct cleaning needs specialized tools to remove and agitate dirt in ducts. The tools make the dirt, as well as, other contaminants airborne and loose before they are pushed and vacuumed out. The ducts are usually carefully and cut to give the tools access to the dirt. A powerful vacuum system is then used to remove the dirt and contaminants. If you fail to do this properly, you may end up doing more harm than good. Dangers can, for example, arise when the vacuum hose is not sealed tightly. Even when the HEPA filtration system fails to be used on the inside of the vacuum system, you can end up releasing contaminants to your home.


Minimizing the Risks

To minimize the risk of exposing your home to contaminants, you should only seek services of a qualified plumbing service Staten Island contractor. The contractor has the knowledge, skills, and experience to carry out the cleaning services in a safe way. In addition, the contractor is certified by the Air Systems Cleaning Specialists to clean and restore all kinds of HVAC systems.


What Does You Equipment Need? HVAC System Cleaning or Duct Cleaning?

There is a confusion that emerges when people include duct cleaning in the overall HVAC system cleaning. You should note that the ducts should be only cleaned when they are contaminated. You should clean the whole HVAC system when it gets contaminated with air passing through the ducts. The overall HVAC system cleaning process involves replacement of the air filter, cleaning diffusers and grilles, checking drain lines and pans, and inspecting the furnace air plenum.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that you and your family needs plenty of fresh air and cleaning the ducts can help supply the fresh air. Although photos of dirty ducts look scary, it does not need to be cleaned regularly. In addition, you should hire a reputable plumbing service Staten Island contractor when it must be cleaned.

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