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Comfort Controls

Comfort Controls


Pitman Plumbing & Heating specializes in making your heating system operate at its peak potential, giving maximum comfort and peak cost efficiency. There are so many ways we can save you money this winter. We not only can install cost saving devices that will lower fuel usage up to 15%. We can help you with getting all available rebates from national grid & con Edison. Here are just a few of what we can do:

  • 7 day programmable thermostats these are the most bang for your buck. Programmable thermostats can adjust the heating or cooling of your house according to your schedule. They will turn your a/c or heat on and off automatically when you are sleeping or not there to do it. They can anticipate your arrival and have the house the way you like it when you arrive home.

  • Outdoor reset controls for hot water boilers. These types of controls will lower the operating temperature of your system, eliminate short cycling and increase efficiency by adjusting the boilers height temperature limit according to outside temp. They will even turn off the heat if it becomes warmer outside than a preset desired temp.

  • Indirect and instantaneous water heaters. We could go on for days about the benefits. Virtually no standing losses higher hot water outputs/ higher AFUE ratings than conventional hot water heaters. Strong rebates and incentives.

  • Hot water mixing valves these devices allow you to produce more hot water with less water in storage. Reducing stand by losses and decreasing the risk of scalding. In many commercial and residential applications these are required by law.

  • Computer steam controls. These systems are produced by many manufacturers. They regulate steam systems by controlling the amount of minutes per hour a system runs according to outside weather and will also shut the system when the outside temperature calls for it.

  • Professional pipe and home insulation. Another simple cost effective way to keep energy waste to a minimum. stop heating the attic and your basement!

  • Contact us so we can get you in the green link.

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Pitman Plumbing & Heating specializes in all gas line repairs in New York City. We install lines for any and all gas equipment residential or commercial. EMERGENCY GAS SHUTDOWN SPECIALISTS. If you suspect a gas leak call the utility co. 1st. Then call Pitman Plumbing & Heating.

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