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Efficiency Testing

Efficiency Testing


Let us conduct a combustion efficiency test and an energy audit for you. Contact us today!

The greenest thing you can do is being properly informed. Understanding where your home is wasting energy along with knowing what level of efficiency your heating equipment is operating at is the most valuable information to a property owner and the environment.

We have trained efficiency experts and the latest diagnostic equipment on hand to do both.

You can’t decide whether it is worth fixing or replacing an old furnace or boiler unless you know what its true operating costs are. Environmentally and monetarily comparing this year’s fuel bill to last year’s alone isn’t enough. So many factors can affect the operating cost and your carbon footprint from year to year. some factors are increasing fuel prices, weather variations from winter to winter, improper thermostat settings, lack of proper cleaning, unsealed ductwork, poor insulation or even the service man that has maintained your equipment are major factors. Older systems are much more dependent on proper service to maintain peak efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. If your heating equipment has fallen out of tune you will never know by looking at a fuel bill alone. Also, often the company that tuned it is the one that sold you your fuel. Even a small change for the worse can amount to thousands of dollars in wasted operating expenses and excessive pollution. There is nothing wrong with taking a second look. We are trained to look at the whole picture, your entire property as well as your heating equipment. We will provide you with all the facts in writing. So you can make the decision that is right for you.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Worrying about the financial cost alone brought the world into this environmental uncertainty we face in the first place. Whatever choice you make we hope you consider this. It has never been so necessary to care about the bigger picture. Being green isn’t a new concept it’s an old one that fell out of practice.

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