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Few Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Posted on March 31, 2015 in Blog, Emergency Plumber New York, Plumber, Plumbers New York

Bernd Blezzed As the winter storm continues to bite, one problem that you may be struggling with as a homeowner is frozen pipes. You should worry about frozen pipes because the pressure created by frozen water inside the pipes is immense. The pressure created may burst the pipes and create repair expenses. You may avoid this menace by following the following tips from NYC plumbing.

1. Insulate the Pipes
Exposed pipes are most likely to freeze during winter. To avoid the problem, inspect the insulation in your premises’ crawl spaces and attic. If the uncovered area is very big, you may want to insulate it using foam board. Both faced and unfaced foam board varieties are applicable if you are doing this for the short-term.

2. Suitable Thermostat Temperature
Keep the thermostat setting the same during the day and night. Some people have the habit of setting a lower temperature when they sleep. This could be an undoing because most temperature drops occur at night. Your pipes may freeze when you are asleep. Sometimes, it is also advisable to increase the thermostat setting so that the crawl space can be warm.

3. Ensure Pipes are Hot
You can ask nyc plumbing to wrap special heat cables or heat tape around your pipes. The technicians use approved products and follow are the correct installation guidelines. Plumbing that serves the kitchen sink is usually vulnerable to freezing if the wall is exposed to cold. Find ways of directing heat to such a space. For example, you can place a heater close to the cabinets and open the cabinet doors. Use the heater for other exposed places in the house as well.

4. Drain the Pipes
The most serious damages occur when the cold spell finds a house unoccupied. Frozen water creates cracks in the pipes during winter. When the temperature rises, the water melts and floods the house causing widespread damage. You can prevent this kind of damage by shutting off water supply to your home and draining water from the pipes. Once you have drained the pipes and closed the supply valve, you do not need to leave the furnace on.

5. Repair Damaged Pipes
If the pipes have already exposed or frozen, do not worry. First, you need to establish whether pipe is burst or not. If the pipe is burst, Nyc plumbing can solve the issue within no time. While you wait for the technicians to arrive, turn off the valve leading to the pipe.

If you have any problem with your pipes during winter, do not hesitate to call experts from nyc plumbing.

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