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Great Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Posted on May 20, 2015 in Blog

Sometimes, if you can fix a plumbing problem by yourself before it gets worse, there is no need to contact a plumbing company. However this can be the ideal solution, it’s important to know you can do when it comes to quick fixes, which might be professionally completed with a skilled plumber. In that regard, here are a few tips that every homeowner should know to help them repair clogged drains, minor leaks and drips within the house – for anything else, hire professional plumbing service Staten Island for free estimates, hassle free plumbing solutions and a quick response.


1. A leaking pipe

If there is a pipe leaking within your house, turning off the water supply to that pipe is the very first thing you should do. After that, wrap a clean sheet of rubber around the leaking part of the pipe. Logically, a sleeve clamp can be used to tighten the rubber sheet and others like the adjustable hose clamp can also be used to stop the leak. As a homeowner, most leaks in many cases can be beyond your ability to repair, but minor leaks or drips can be stopped temporarily until you contact an emergency plumbing service provider.


2. The toilet keeps running

When this happens, more water is wasted than in any other common plumbing issue, but this problem can be easier for an average homeowner to repair. When a toilet keeps running, it’s more likely that the water valve doesn’t completely cuts off. It’s therefore necessary to check the flapper or ball to see and confirm whether it’s completely closed. Or, the chain can sometimes be too tight and if you so, try to loosen it. It’s also good to remember inspecting to see if the level of water is set higher than the normal overflow pipe and adjust it as required.


3. Clearing a stopped or slow drain

There are several different drain cleaning products, which can effectively clear the clogged drains or slow-running drains. If the sink doesn’t contain stagnant water, try some home remedies – including pouring some vinegar, baking soda and some hot-water down the drain. Try as much as possible to prevent the clogs from getting into the drain and you can also use the tongs to reach the clogs.


4. Unclogging a blocked toilet

If your toilet experiences plumbing issues like getting plugged, you can use a plunger to fix the problem. Flush your toilet carefully after plunging and repeat the entire process until you make sure the toilet is completely clear.

Conclusively, these are not only the plumbing issues you can deal with as a homeowner. There are also several other minor and major issues that can be better fixed by professional plumbing service Staten Island.

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