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How to fixed Basic Problems Affecting Your Home’s Furnace

Posted on March 16, 2015 in Blog, Emergency Plumber New York, Plumber, Plumbing NYC

The plumbing systems in our homes is one of the most important, sensitive and critical components of our homes we cant afford to neglect, because they play a major in the provision of certain utilities such as water as well as the evacuation of waste water and other waste materials. Furnace troubleshooting and repairs is also a critical component of plumbing and requires highly skill hands to repair and maintain. Sadly, there are not too many skilled Staten Island plumbers who specialize in the repair of broken furnace.
Troubleshooting your forced air furnace can be a daunting task. Most air furnaces are made of high quality materials and are quite durable, but sometimes they may break down when you least expect it. That’s why you must learn to maintain your furnace at regular intervals to forestall unnecessary breakdowns.

Pilot Ignition failure
this is one of the major problems affecting most forced air furnaces. The Pilot ignition can fail because of some reasons such as faulty or loose thermocouple, clogged pilot orifice or low pilot flame settings. For clogged pilot orifice, you can use a thin wire to remove dirt obstructing it. First you’d need to disconnect the furnace from power and then use the thin wire to poke out any dirt in the pilot orifice. The low pilot flame problem can resolved by the using the flame adjustment screw to get the best flame setting. Loose thermocouple can be resolved by resetting the ignition control module by turning it off and then on again.

Fixing cycling or heating problems

  1. Ensure that the room heating registers aren’t closed
  2. Ensure nothing interferes or obstructs the warm air flow
  3. Carryout regular checks on the filter, if bad, replace it immediately
  4. Make sure you set the thermostat temperature
  5. If all these measures mentioned above fails, get the services of a reliable furnace repair technician

Furnace Blower problems

A broken belt can impede the movement of air in your furnace. The funny thing is that your furnace might actually run but it will fail to blow air if its belt is broken. Repairing a broken belt is quite easy, you’d first need to turn off gas as well as disconnect power unit. To get access to the blower, remove the door on the front of the furnace, you’ll see the belt. Get the exact replacement and then slip it in on the smaller pulley and then on the blower pulley (some rotation is needed to fix it properly).

In conclusion, learning to fix your furnace yourself will go a long way in saving you some extra cash. Of course, not every furnace problem can be resolved alone, you’ll need the services of experienced furnace technicians and plumbers to get your furnace running again. To get one of the best Staten Island plumbers for your furnaces, call Pitman plumbing today.

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