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Plumbing Tips for Homeowners before They Access Plumbing Service Staten Island

Posted on May 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

For your plumbing system to work well, you need to ensure you have implemented all the plumbing tips which will enable you make use of your plumbing system economically. This will lead you to accessing plumbing service Staten Island when it is only necessary. This will lead you to saving your money at the long run. Here are tips for you to ensure you have your plumbing lines working well in your home.


Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Ice Makers

For you to have your dish washer working well, you should run the washing machine at night when the water temperature and pressure is at its optimum and take note on how it performs. You should also ensure the washing machine is cleaned after use to avoid deposition of particles which can lead to spoiling it. You should also check to ensure all the supply hoses and connections are well fitted for you to avoid possible malfunctioning of the washing machines.


Garbage Disposals

You should avoid putting hard grind wastes such as chicken skin, carrots, bones or bananas into your garbage disposal system. They may end up clogging the drain of the system. In order to flush water down the system, you should run cold water before and after use of the system. You should also ensure the system is turned on before you start adding wastes to it.



Avoid pouring cooking fats down the drain because they can harden and clog the system. You should ensure all drain have strainers to prevent entry of substances which can lead to clogging.


Floors, Basement and Walls

For your basement floors to be safe, you can decide to install a sump pump or alarms which will alert you in case there is danger of flooding. You should also make a habit of checking out for leaky tiles regularly.



You should clean your gutters regularly for you to avoid stagnation. Check on outdoor faucets and ensure they are working well.



You should avoid flushing materials such as cotton swabs, facial scrub and hair because they can end up clogging the toilet. You should check out for hidden leaks and repair them as soon as possible.



For you to ensure the water valves are working well, you should try to open them to check on how water is released.


Water Heater

For the water heater you should check the temperature settings and ensure they are working well. To know whether the system is in good condition, you can draw several gallons of water and check whether it maintains the temperature required. Try to clean the areas which have corroded such as the tank to prevent further corrosion.

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