New York City Master Plumber Lic #:1955



Affected Properties


Plumbing & Heating

NYC Licensed Master Plumber #1955

BACKFLOW Preventers

Owners of properties that pose an actual or potential risk of contamination to New York City’s water supply. This includes property with any of, but not limited to, the following facilities:

  • Bakery;
  • Bidets;
  • Car wash;
  • Chemicals used in processing e.g. dye plants, photo laboratories;
  • Commercial laundry facilities with 2 or more coin operated machines;
  • Delicatessen /Premises where food is being prepared;
  • Commercial kitchens / Restaurants;
  • Dental offices /Laboratories;
  • Distilled breweries;
  • Funeral parlors;
  • Greenhouses.
  • In-ground irrigation sprinkler;
  • Wells (groundwater);
  • Multiple water services;
  • Sewage treatment or handling;
  • Veterinary offices / Laboratories;
  • Warehouses (with toxic chemicals storage);
  • Metal manufacturing, cleaning, processing or fabricating plants;
  • Water reuse / Recycling;
  • Medical offices / Laboratories (includes psychology & psychiatric offices that administer medication).
  • Auto body / Repair shops;
  • Beauty salons or barber shops;
  • Butchers (includes fish markets & live stock).
  • Chemically treated boilers.
  • Dry-cleaning establishments.
  • Large boilers (more than 350000 btu);
  • Booster pumps;
  • Hotels and/or motels;
  • Gas stations and/or mini marts with soda machines or coffee lines;
  • Heat exchangers with water (single wall);
  • Pharmacy;
  • Pressure tanks;
  • Private wells;
  • Swimming pools / Commercial swimming pools..
  • Water cooled equipment or chillers.

If you have received a violation or think you may not be in compliance we can help you comply with these new regulations and in some cases reduce fines that have been levied against your property

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