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Pool Heaters


Pitman Plumbing installs and services most major brands of pool heaters gas units or electric models

We can design and install custom systems such as heat exhanger units that run off of your homes boiler system. these are usefull in areas that don’t have gas service. Other bennefits are not having to install a gas line that requires a permit.

For homeowners that want to heat their pool as economically as possible we can install units up to 97% efficient!

If you are planning to install new concrete or stampcrete call us first. We also desing and install reverse radiant systems that make use of all that extra heat that accumulates in your patios concrete. and the best part is its free!

A pool heater can greatly increase your enjoyment of your pool (and the investment in it) by making it useable all day and extending the “swimming season”.

A heated pool also prevents chilling and the problems caused by the loss of too much body heat which can affect very young as well as older people.

  • Pool Temperature – You want the water to be comfortable but don’t heat it any more than you need to. 78 degrees is often recommended.
  • Use a Pool Cover when the pool is not in use – This is essential as a pool cover can reduce heat loss by 50%. The key function of a pool cover is to stop evaporation as evaporation causes significant cooling. The cover will also help preserve pool chemicals.
  • Shelter the pool from wind – Even a gentle wind can lower the pool temperature significantly.
  • Proper Maintenance – Make sure the pool and its heating system is properly maintained.

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PITMAN PLUMBING specializes in all gas line repairs. We install lines for any and all gas equipment residential or commercial. EMERGENCY GAS SHUTDOWN SPECIALISTS. If you suspect a gas leak call the utility co. 1st .Then call pitman plumbing and heating


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