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Posted on June 2, 2015 in Blog, Plumbing Companies New York

According to Staten Island plumbing companies, it’s possible to save money and headaches along the way if you are able to follow simple and easy steps to maintain your household plumbing problems in good order. These include simple tricks like emptying the trap, bucket flushing, pipe orienteering, draining the vacuum, silencing creaking pipes and stopping hang-ups on sink-sprayer. Let’s take a look at a few.


Stopping Hang-Ups On Sink-Sprayer

The best way for this is to jiggle the hose while you pull out the sink sprayer under the kitchen sink. Usually the hose is getting stuck in the shutoff valves, and you can smooth the operation by covering the pipes with foam pipe insulation over, and also shutting off the handles underneath them. Just tape everything together. Shouldn’t cost you more than $3 for the insulation in many home depots.


Silencing Creaking Pipes

To achieve this use adhesive-backed felt from a hardware store and turn it into strips. Then remove the hangers that hold the pipes and wrap them with these adhesive-backed felts. Then refast them in the hangers. This avoids the effects of hot water which causes copper pipes to expand and cause grinding against joists and pipe hangers.


Quietin’ Loud Sinks

Achieve this by using expanding foam and applying it within the spaces between the stainless steel sink basins. The foam lessens gong effects and deadens vibrations. You can perform this operation with the sink in place but for better results remove the sink, lay it upside down and apply the foam. In any case, once the foam is hard, trim away the excess with a knife or razor to make it more esthetic.


Draining Vacuum

If objects like toys, combs, or a toothbrush plug your drain or toilet, it’s best to resort to a shop vacuum to remove these objects, than calling in a plumber. Instead of pushing the obstruction even further down, just turn on the dry/wet shop vacuum and suck in both the water and the item which is obstructing it.


Pipe Orienteering

This is good for finding a pipe hidden under the floor. For this, you’ll need an earth (neodymium) magnet and an electrical fish tape. Simply lose the electrical fishing tape through the pipe and try to locate it with the earth (neodymium) magnet. This is much better to mess with pipes than to have to break all the ground over the pipes just to find them. This remediates the lack of a house plant and reduces the time to fix or replace pipes.

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