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Posted on June 10, 2015 in Blog, Plumber

Not that long time ago, high-quality plumbing was considered to include drains made out of cast-iron and supply pipes out of brass. Today, the same materials have been exchanged or supplemented with elements made out of copper, plastic and flexible type of polyethylene that is cross-linked, also known under the name PEX. But, it does not matter if the pipes are made out of metal, plastic or a mixture of these two – a Staten Island plumber, just like any other professional in this field, needs to be able to determine how the same system works and where its problems located. This is not a trivial task: a single bad joint can result in damage worth thousands of US dollars. A drain that is undersized or sloped in the wrong way will continue to clog. Supply pipes that are not properly anchored every six feet will produce noise and rattle whenever a faucet is activated.

A solid plumbing job is not just about following rules and codes. Planning out and installing a plumbing system that is efficient, quiet and free from leakage can be considered a true art form. A good Staten Island plumber contractor will arrange pipes and valves in a way that makes maintenance easy, cut down of waste materials or weak framing and make sure to clean all joints. In fact, many good plumbers would love to keep their work visible, not bury it under flooring and wall panels. The Pitman Plumbing Company, with their rich experience in plumbing, understands that this all might seem complicated to regular people. Because of this, here are some essential elements that make up a good plumbing system.


A Solid Construction of a Pipe Networks

Water enters a building measuring a pressure of around 50 to 60 psi through the main supply line. Sewage or dirty water is pulled by gravity and it exits a building via drainpipes. The air that comes through the vents is supposed to keep the drains operating smoothly. The entire setup is both simple and durable. Some of its elements like valves, hoses and appliances can fail, break or wear down, but the basic system of plumbing pipes should last as long as the building itself.


The Need for Efficiency

In the modern world, getting water was never easier, but so is wasting it. Today, it is necessary to conserve water and change the mindset around the plumbing itself. A law from 1994 made mandatory the low flow toilets and faucets, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Using dams, aerator devices, and flow restrictors can also add efficiency to any systems.


Incorporating Shutoff Valves

Single shutoff valves will do wonders in the case of containing a single problem without the need to stop the entire water supply to a building. While a main valve will put a halt on the entire supply of water, a single valve can isolate any element without disrupting the other parts of the building. Using these is a hallmark of any good Staten Island plumber or any other plumber for that matter.


Using Plenty of Vents

Use of vents on drains is regulated by building codes but is also very useful for the building owners and residents. Making vents too far away from each other will lead to the formation of a vacuum, which will slow down the drainage. A good plumber will use plenty of vents to make sure this does not happen.



Having a great plumbing system is not difficult. All that is needed is a solid plumber contractor who understands and follows all the rules created to make plumbing run more smoothly. With this, any building can receive a very functional and long-lasting plumbing system. In Staten Island and the surrounding area, Pitman Plumbing is a company that can deliver exactly this.

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