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Ways to Prevent a Home-Plumbing Nightmare

Posted on April 10, 2015 in Blog, Emergency Plumber New York, Plumber, Uncategorized

When homeowner takes the role of the plumber and tries to install or repair plumbing system on their own, they can cause a lot of damage to the system. The following are yen important principles to avoid plumbing problems.

Avoid galvanized materials

It is very common to see a galvanized steel and copper plumbing mixed in the water system with just a Teflon or thread sealant separating them. In such a connection, the steel can start to corrode immediately.

When connecting a copper pipe to galvanized steel use plumbing fitting known as dielectric union.

Avoid back flows

Back flow usually occurs when there is a severe and sudden drop in water pressure. The drop in pressure causes water to back towards the opposite direction.

If you have been experiencing back flow, use a vacuum breaker fitting thread into the hose bib mounted outside your house. The fitting provides a permanent solution to back flow problems.

Always use the right connector

Although connecting a gas range to an existing gas line may seem simple, this presents a very serious problem at long run. You can avoid this problem by purchasing an universal connection kit that comes with different adapters that will help you to connect your gas range to the existing gas line.

Know the code and the pipes

Many homeowners make a mistake of driving screws and pounding nails into the plumbing in attempt to locate pipes. However, this is dangerous because you can puncture a plastic or copper pipes thus damaging the plumbing system.

If you are attempting to fix any problem with the plumbing system, it is good to know the codes. It is good to ask for a professional plumber to locate the pipes.

Cut right, fit tight and seal properly

Unless you cut right, you cannot make proper joints for your gas or water system. When cutting pipes, you should ensure you have the right equipment such as the pro-level tubing cutters, hacksaw blade, reciprocating saw blade and a plastic pipe saw.

After cutting right and fitting tight, it is very important to seal the joint. Only glued and soldered joint that do not require sealant. All other joints require sealants.

Avoid over tightening and always conduct a leak test

Although you should ensure the joint are tight, you should avoid over-tightening the joint. After tightening the joints, it is very important to take leak test and inspection to ascertain that the joints have been properly sealed.

Remember the septic tank

Additives will never improve the performance of your septic tank. For great performance, septic tank should be pumped regularly.

Finally, any plumbing issue should be fixed by a professional plumber. Fixing the problems yourself can cause more damage to the system. For example, Staten Island Plumber are highly skilled and experienced to guarantee top-quality plumbing services.

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