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Winter Plumbing Tips: What You Need To Know.

Posted on January 27, 2015 in Blog, Emergency Plumber New York, Plumber, Uncategorized

Plumbing is the specialty at Pitman Plumbing NYC. From plumbing repairs, maintenance, plumbing alterations to gas line repairs and alterations we are your to-go-to team of plumbers skilled for emergency plumbing situations. This team of plumbers offers the following tips for property owners, which should aid in preventing and combating any plumbing issues during the winter.

Fix Leakages Now: Leaking pipes can be particularly challenging during the wintertime, so contact us at Pitman Plumbing NYC. Let them send a professional plumber to fix the problem, and an emergency plumber will fix it even in the winter.

Keep The Water Running: Ensure that there is a constant trickle from your kitchen tap or the shower. Alternatively, at regular intervals, let the water run from your valves as this will effectively prevent freezing.

Cover the Outdoors: During winter, ensure that your garden hose is unattached and drain off any residual water that may be in the hose. This residual water may freeze, and it may damage connected faucets as it expands. After disconnecting, roll up and store it indoors until the weather that is more favorable comes along. Also, find covers for all the faucets outside. Valves leading to these outdoor faucets should be kept shutoff and drained.

Provide Pipe Insulation: Wrap the pipes with heating tape or use foam-padding sleeves to provide thermal insulation that will guard against freezing.

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